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Workshops,Training & Supervision

Group Lecture

Promoting Flexible Thinking in Autistic Kids and Teens

This highly practical workshop is designed for parents, teachers and health practitioners working with children with autism spectrum conditions.

Participants will learn and have opportunities to practice skills including:

* Recognising best times and best methods for teaching social expectations.

* Teaching of flexibility to young people to enable them to handle difficult thoughts and feelings as they emerge

* Utilising language that promotes better listening and calmer responses.

* Understanding differences in brain function that impact a child's responses.

* Preventing meltdowns

* Assisting with "giving up" behaviours

* Recognising the "why" behind a behaviour to help guide adult action with the best chance of success.

* Guiding autistic children towards a valued and meaningful life in the face of difficulty

Workshops for Provisional Psychologists

Preparation for the National Psychology Exam:

This workshop has been specifically designed for Provisional Psychologists preparing for the National Psychology Exam. All aspects of exam preparation will be covered including Ethics, Assessment, Intervention and Communication. Jodie will provide key ways to prepare for the exam without getting bogged down in excessive unnecessary reading. Important focus areas will be covered and sample questions will be discussed. We will also be looking at administrative issues around the exam including number of questions, weighting and timing. Participants should bring their own laptop to the workshop as Jodie will be providing important online resources for your exam preparation.

Jodie has successfully supervised over 20 provisional psychologists to full registration under the AHPRA guidelines, including successful completion of examination and case report requirements on first attempt. 

Other Workshop Topics:

     Case reports

     Risk assessment

     Various assessment tools

     Understanding psychometrics


Smiling Student in Lecture

Workshops for Schools

Jodie has been invited to many schools across Melbourne and Sydney to deliver workshops to parents, staff and/or young people. Topics have included:

  • Parenting:

    • Parenting Teenagers

    • Well-being in young people.

    • Normal adolescent moodiness vs  depression

    • Helping your anxious child

    • Understanding technology use in young people

  • For students:

    • Body image

    • Sleeping well

    • Handling friendship problems

    • Transition to secondary school

  • For staff:

    • Assessing risk in young people

    • Developing emotional literacy in young people

    • Handling bullying through enhancing student communication


Engagement Ring

Supervision for Registered Psychologists

Jodie provides supervision to registered psychologists working with young people. She is a Board Approved Supervisor for Higher Education and Registrar programs.
Jodie has a special interest in working with psychologists working with the autism spectrum and with school psychologists. She has over fifteen years experience as a school psychologist in Sydney and in Melbourne. She has worked in schools under the Independent and Catholic systems. She has also supervised psychologists working in the NSW State system.
Jodie has been an APS member for 22 years, a registered supervisor for over ten years and a College of Educational and Developmental Psychology (CEDP) member for over 16 years. She is currently a Fellow of this College.  She makes it a priority to be continually up-to-date with ethical and legal issues that impact school psychologists.


Supervision for Provisional Psychologists

Jodie is a Board Approved Supervisor who has successfully supervised over 20 provisional psychologists to full registration under the AHPRA guidelines, including successful completion of examination and case report requirements on first attempt.

Over recent years, all case reports submitted to AHPRA by Jodie’s supervisees have been passed by AHPRA. Similarly, Jodie’s supervisees have passed the national examination on first attempt.

Jodie provides weekly supervision to provisional psychologists gaining to seek registration as per AHPRA guidelines.

Provision of training in all aspects of psychology including counselling, report writing, assessment.

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