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Supervision for Registered Psychologists

Jodie provides supervision to registered psychologists working with young people. She is a Board Approved Supervisor for Higher Education and Registrar programs.
Jodie has a special interest in working with psychologists working with the autism spectrum and with school psychologists. She has over fifteen years experience as a school psychologist in Sydney and in Melbourne. She has worked in schools under the Independent and Catholic systems. She has also supervised psychologists working in the NSW State system.
Jodie has been an APS member for 22 years, a registered supervisor for over ten years and a College of Educational and Developmental Psychology (CEDP) member for over 16 years. She is currently a Fellow of this College.  She makes it a priority to be continually up-to-date with ethical and legal issues that impact school psychologists.


Supervision for Provisional Psychologists

Jodie is a Board Approved Supervisor who has successfully supervised over 20 provisional psychologists to full registration under the AHPRA guidelines, including successful completion of examination and case report requirements on first attempt.

Over recent years, all case reports submitted to AHPRA by Jodie’s supervisees have been passed by AHPRA. Similarly, Jodie’s supervisees have passed the national examination on first attempt.

Jodie provides weekly supervision to provisional psychologists gaining to seek registration as per AHPRA guidelines.

Provision of training in all aspects of psychology including counselling, report writing, assessment.

Preparation for the National Psychology Exam
On-Demand Webinar - Access Any Time

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of suggested reading?
This webinar recording will go through all four sections of the exam and focus on key areas to be covered to maximise your time efficiency when studying.

-How to approach the test itself on the day - techniques for working through the test
-How to approach confusing ethical dilemmas
-Key focus areas for assessments

You will be provided with documents to assist your learning and sample questions.