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Thank you for visiting our website. As you are probably aware, demand for psychological services has increased significantly in Australia, particularly for children.

Current availability

1. Parenting Support:

Parenting can be tricky and many of our families, particularly our neurodivergent families, find that traditional parenting strategies are not effective for their children. We are able to provide a neuro-affirming individualised approach to parenting. Whilst wait times for child appointments can be lengthy, we we are currently able to accept referrals for parenting support. For this option, Jodie or Lize would be able to see you for parenting support, and liaise with your child's external psychologist or assist you with parenting as you wait for your child to gain a place with another psychologist. Please join the Parenting waitlist below for this option.


2. Sydney Clinic:

We are currently accepting a limited number of new patients to our Sydney waitlist


3. Telehealth: 

Our Telehealth waitlist is short and appointments become available quickly.


4. Melbourne Clinic:

We are currently unable to accept new children to our Melbourne waitlist


Please note, that  timelines are difficult to predict and we encourage you to join wait lists at other clinics. We will be revisiting capacity in the coming months so feel free to check back. 

Please select the appropriate button below to join our patient list.

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